Exhausting day

By | 2/19/2011 09:50:00 p.m.
Hi everyone!
Sorry about the delay,but this day wasn't so good for me.
Now i'm practicing my english because I'm planning to change my way of posting.I'm sorry if i'm doing any writing mistakes.
Today I will talk about my new books named:"Jenny" by Erskine Caldwell and "Lady Chatterley lover" by D.H.Lawewnce.I bought this books with "National Journal",and are form "the pocketbook" collection.
About "Jenny" I really don't know anything,but i read a few passages before buying it and it seems an interesting book.
"Lady Chatterley lover" -I have heard  a lots of good thing about this book,I looked for it every bookstore I entered and finally it's mine.I can't wait to read it.